These are some (not so great) shots of my Tron: Legacy costume I built for Halloween, 2010. It’s missing 6 pieces, and some of the EL Tape on the back got damaged the previous night and doesn’t light up, but all-in-all, it was a fun (if often stressful) build!

A video of the costume can be found here.

Thanks to my wife Kristy - as the funding for this costume was her anniversary gift to me! Happy 12th my love!


The suit:

The EL tape: - thanks William! This was the most expensive and most difficult/fragile stuff to work with, but the results are great! William worked a LOT on helping me figure out what I needed, how much, how to lay it out, how to cut it, etc. William helped me get started on the project - and I couldn't have done it w/out him!

The EL wire: - Eric was recommended by William, but was too busy, so he recommended - Josh - was very helpful w/ very quick turnaround and delivered a quality product!

The Identity Disc:

The magnets to hold the ID Disc to the suit: